The Saker Sportscar...

The "Saker", like the bird of prey, from which its name is derived, is a swift and extremely maneuverable race car. It is a true sportscar of the modern era, with a design based on outright performance, rather than trends or fashion.

The key features of the Saker:

  • Stunning design 
  • Capacity for high downforce
  • Main weight mass in central position
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Great access to the engine and suspension
  • Two seats
  • Gull-wing doors (GT model & Rap-X)
  • Cost effective to run
  • Endurance race capabilities


JPR Group is proud to have an association with the well established Dutch sports car manufacturer, Saker Sportscars.


The first successful Saker Sportscar Challenge races were held in the 2004 season at Zandvoort, in the Netherlands. The enthusiasm of several Saker owners, who were busy perfecting the car in their own way, led to a series of fast moving developments. In 2006, brothers Laurens and Gerrit Meyer joined forces with Visser and Vermeulen, providing Saker a terrific boost. Since 2007, Saker Sportscars has used modern production facilities to produce more than fifty Saker Sportscars every year – cars that are lauded all over the world.

The Saker Sportscar Vision

Robust, a real racing car, appealing and reliable…this is what Saker is all about.

The Saker is an amazing spectacle which comprises of four models: the immensely popular GT and the open top Sprint. The other two models have a slightly different shape, but using the same chassis. The closed version is the RapX and the open model is the Saker Sniper. They are twin-seaters, boasting a mid mounted 2 litre, turbo charged boxer engine starting at 270BHP (includes optional power upgrade). The truly slick power house is a commanding, yet ultra reliable machine, built for thrilling, affordable GT endurance racing.

The Saker Sportscar has been specially developed to fulfil the customers wishes. It is a solid, pure racing car, with a stunning design and highly reliable technology. Crucial elements, such as the engine, are from Subaru and have been used specifically to keep the racing affordable. There is the option to have a Subaru gearbox, or a 6-speed Sadev sequential. The chassis was developed by Bruce Turnbull, an experienced well known engineer from New-Zealand.

The standard Subaru products, supplemented by parts made in-house, are used to keep costs down. All cars are constructed by Saker Sportscars and delivered to JPR Group, based in Staffordshire, ready to race. The car design is practical: the bodywork can be removed simply, front and back, enabling easy access to all components.


The Racing

The beauty of Saker, is that it is an already well proven product, strongly established in Australia and the Netherlands for many years. The latter currently entering its 10th year of the hugely successful Saker Sportscar Challenge. 

The Saker has an outstanding appearance and is a pure racer that can easily compete with much more expensive race cars, like Porsche and BMW. It uses a strong space-frame chassis with a GRP sectional bodywork, including gull-wing doors (GT model & Rap-X) and runs on Avon slicks.

JPR Group, organisers since 2002 of the hugely popular and successful Fun Cup championship, now also run and prepare Sakers, as well as selling them in the UK.

The Saker Sportscar provides a fantastic opportunity for drivers to compete in a stunning, powerful endurance car, with sensible running costs.

Sakers can compete in various championships in the UK, such as the new ERS Endurance series (6 hour races), MSA British Endurance Championship, GT Cup, Britcar, the OSS Championship, Saker Challenge (Holland), Dutch Super Sportscar Championship, BTCS and Castle Combe Sports and GTS, amongst others. Many Sakers compete in the CNC Sports & Saloon Car Championship, where drivers enjoy 2 x 20 minute sprints per race. 

If you wish to test a Saker, we can offer various packages. You can test for a full day, full morning/full afternoon, or by the hour at various circuits across the UK. For further information, please email


Running Costs

The running costs for a season are extremely low compared with other similar-performance brands. The cars can have one or two drivers, thus enabling expenses to be shared.


Purchase price starts from only £42,900 plus VAT and delivery.


European Racing

Sakers can take part in all kinds of national/international race classes across Europe.

 The Saker has a great deal to offer, such as:

  • Low and controlled running costs
  • Arrive and drive packages available
  • Option to share running costs with another driver
  • Well established car - successful championship running in Holland since 2005
  • Ultra reliable 2000cc flat 4 turbo charged engine
  • Overall winner of several Euro Saloon and Sportscar Championship races in 2012, beating stiff competition from the likes of a 650 bhp, heavily modified Mitsubish Evo RS and Porsche 997 Cup Car.
  • Saker came 1st and 2nd in the Euro Saloon and Sportscar championship 2013.
  • Saker won the Class A championship in the CNC Sports & Saloons 2014. 
  • Starting from only £42,900 plus VAT (at the time of printing)
  • "Arrive and drive" packages available plus tyres and VAT



The Subaru technology has been a winner in many reliability tests, from independent organisations such as the German ADAC. That is also the reason why Saker Sportscars has chosen the flat four engine of the Subaru Impreza WRX, one of the most reliable sports engines of its time.



The Saker Sportscar stands for affordable racing! By using Subaru production parts, filled with own assembly parts from Saker Europe & JPR, costs are kept low. The prices for these parts comprise only a quarter of what is normally charged by comparable race cars. Also, the design of the car enables easy and quick preparation. The bodywork can easily be removed both at the front and the back, which facilitates easy accessibility of different parts.


Picture two: Copyright Steve Shurey