Saker Sportscars

Saker Sportscars build four models sharing the same type of chassis. First of all, there is the closed GT or Rap-X model, which enables you to experience the ultimate Le Mans feeling of the famous Group-C days. The Rap-X uses the same chassis as the GT, but is a more modern shape. There are also two open models, the Saker Sprint and the Saker Sniper, which are for drivers who prefer an open race car. Again, the Sniper is a more modern shape than the Sprint.

All models have the same chassis and regardless of preference, every Saker is fast and extremely easy to handle. They are designed for people who are looking for 100 percent speed and enjoyment, whilst grounded on a timeless design, based on performance and speed.

Key features of a Saker Sportscar:

  • High downforce capacity available
  • Centralised weight mass
  • Flat 4 cylinder engine, providing a low centre of gravity
  • Good access to the engine, suspension etc
  • Twin seater
  • Gull-wing doors on the Saker GT and Rap-X
  • Sensible running costs


What Else Can the Saker Race With?

The Sakers can take part in all kinds of national and international race classes, such as the new ERS Endurance series (6 hour races),  MSA British Endurance Championship, GT Cup, the OSS Championship, CNC Sports & Saloons, Castle Combe Sports & GT's, English Speed series, the Dutch Supercar Challenge, the Dutch Saker Sportscar Challenge and the Belgian Dunlop Sport Max Endurance Cup, to name a few.

Please call 01538 306921 for details.

GT and Rap-X

The Saker GT and Rap-X are the closed models, which come in red or white. However, they can of course be painted. With their gull-wing doors, they possess an outstanding appearance. They are pure racers that can easily provide competition to much more expensive race cars, such as Porsche and BMW.

Above: Saker Rap-X Above: Saker GT


Sprint and Sniper

The sprint and Sniper version is basically the same as the GT and Rap-X, but without a roof. Therefore, perfect for drivers who prefer the feel of an open top car. These come in yellow or white.

Above: Saker Sniper Above: Saker Sprint


Saker Sportscars

The Saker Sportscar is built up of more than 900 components, taking the engine and gearbox as one part, for the sake of convenience. Many of the parts are unique Saker products and this provides a great advantage. There is no dependence on other manufacturers and JPR has all of the necessary parts in stock.

The space frame is made of steel, with a chrome molybdenum roll cage. The nose consists of an easily replaceable subframe, while the body has 15 different polyester components: red and white for the GT and Rap-X and yellow and white for the Sprint and Sniper. They are also colour fast, so the cars do not lose their colours as a result of chipping.


Its excellent low centre of gravity led to the choice of the Boxer engine as the basis for the car. This is first given a thorough rebuild, in which the pistons, connecting rods and bearings are completely upgraded. The turbo-equipped engine is then tuned to a safe 275 bhp as standard power. Power upgrades are available from JPR, such as our S1 400 Saker Rap-X at 400 bhp. Noise regulations on tracks are part of the game nowadays. So, to comply with strict regulations, the Sakers are equipped with an advanced exhaust system, which is tuned to the engine.

Brakes and Tyres

A race car is only as good as its brakes. Saker cars are equipped with 6-pot brake calipers, combined with vented brake discs, which provide the Saker brake power that is second to none. Meanwhile, grip is provided by the Avon slicks. The discs last the whole season without any problem.

Shock Absorbers and Springs

The Moton shock absorbers and Merwede springs ensure balance. The Moton shock absorbers have six different bump and rebound settings. During testing, UK distributor, Paul Rose, said: “ you really feel the difference when you make a small change to the dampers”. This, together with the adjustable spring rings, means the Saker can be adapted to suit the requirements of every driver.


Specifications: Saker GT/Sprint/Rap-X/Sniper
Chassis: Steel spaceframe
Suspension: Unequal double adjustable wishbones
Body: GRP
Engine: 2.0 litre Flat 4 Turbo


275 BHP as standard.

340 BHP for 340 Rap-X

400 BHP for S1 400 Rap-X


H Pattern, with 6 speed Sadev sequential option

Brakes: Tarox 6-pot front and rear/315 mm vented discs

790kg (GT)

815kg (Rap-X 340)

845kg (Rap-X S1 400)

Wheels: Front 15 x 8.5 inches. Rear 15 x 10.5 inches
Wheel Base: 2,580 mm
Track Front: 1,444 mm
Track Rear 1,548mm
Length 4,010 mm
Width: 1,830 mm
Height; 944 mm (GT)/1,030 mm (Sprint and Sniper)
Ride Height: 50mm (Adjustable)



The easiest way to influence the downforce is with the spoiler, which has 5 different settings. But it is also worth knowing that the height of the Saker as a whole can be altered. This provides an endless source of challenges for the technology enthusiast and also defines Saker: a serious downforce sportsar. In short, more adrenaline than you can handle!