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31 August 2012 - Join The Saker Invitation Class In Your GT Or Saloon Car

Join the Saker invitation class in your GT, Saloon, or Fun Cup car, on the 30th September at Anglesey. 1 x 20 minutes qualifying and 2 x 20 minute races. Teams can split the costs and share the racing if they wish.

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29 August 2012 - Track Day Dates

Drive a Saker on the following dates:

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8 August 2012 - Motors TV Coverage

The programme featuring the Saker race from Brands Hatch, will be shown on Motors TV on August 9th at 17.52. This is a one hour programme and the Sakers will be featured in the second half hour of the show. It will also be repeated a few times over the following weeks. TheseĀ times will be available onĀ

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